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Joshua Palmatier jpsorrow and Patricia Bray are thrilled to announce that their new anthology project THE MODERN FAE’S GUIDE TO SURVIVING HUMANITY was sold to DAW books.

The Fae are among us. This anthology will celebrate and explore how the Fae have adapted to the modern world and the increasing hordes of humanity that plague it. What if that tall stranger sitting next to you on the airplane is really one of the Fae? What about the CEO that you never see with the office on the top floor full of trees? And what happens when a fairy ring appears in a rooftop garden in central New York City?

The anthology is invitation only, and we've lined up an extremely talented crew of authors who plan to submit. Stories are due March 1st, and our best guess is that the anthology will be published in 2012.

Josh and I had a blast editing the Ur-Bar anthology project, and we're looking forward to reprising our roles as ringmasters alligator wrestlers lords of chaos co-editors.


Jul. 1st, 2010 08:01 pm
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Back in my Regency days, my editor invited me to participate in one of Zebra's holiday-theme anthologies. Specifically a Halloween Regency collection, where each story had to feature a kitten. I was a new author but nonetheless had the presence of mind to point out that Halloween wasn't typically celebrated in Regency England, an objection which he brushed aside as an unimportant detail.

And so I wrote the novella Charlotte's Kitten for the collection BEWITCHING KITTENS. And it sold. And sold. It earned out immediately and then they sold foreign rights which kept selling and selling. In fact, the German language editions are still in print and available on Amazon.de

And that was my only venture into the short fiction market. Until today, when I signed a contract for my short story LAST CALL which will be included in the After Hours: Tales from the Ur-Bar anthology. My close relationship to both co-editors was obviously the deciding factor in my decision to join this anthology project.

LAST CALL by Patricia Bray: George Harker hunts demons in eighteenth century Europe, but when he discovers an immortal bartender he finds he has finally met his match.

I'm thrilled with the collection of stories that co-conspirator (and fellow contributor) jpsorrow and I have put together. Expect more announcements to come as the participating authors sign their contracts and step into the limelight. And stay tuned for the book's release in March 2011--with this cast of characters, the signings will be legendary.


Nov. 24th, 2009 09:36 am
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Why do people go to science fiction conventions? So they can meet up with like-minded souls and hang out in bars, discussing deep thoughts. Occasionally, these conversations result in book ideas, and for once we actually wrote down the idea, polished it up...

and sold it to DAW.

I'm thrilled to announce that AFTER HOURS: TALES FROM THE UR-BAR, edited by Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray, will be published by DAW Books.

The first bar, created by the Sumerians after they were given the gift of beer by the gods, was known as the Ur-Bar. Although it has since been destroyed, its spirit lives on--in each age there is one bar that captures the essence of the original Ur-Bar, where drinks are mixed with magic and served with a dash of intrigue. Heroes, villains, poets and thieves may be found within its walls; when the gods visit Earth they stop by the Ur-Bar for a drink.

The anthology is by invitation only, and the first round of invitations has already been sent out. We're hoping to put together an eclectic mix of stories, designed to appeal to a wide range of tastes. The book is due next summer, and best guess for release date is sometime in 2011.

I'm incredibly excited. This is an awesomely cool idea, and I'm going to get to work with great people. What could be better?


Feb. 25th, 2005 09:08 am
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Last night was the delayed celebration for my new book deal, as the members of the Hard Lemonade Science Fiction Society were finally all in town at the same time, and they treated me to wine, eggplant parmesan (yum) and tiramisu (double yum).

Plus Joshua [livejournal.com profile] jpsorrow had just received the contracts for his three book deal with DAW, so we duly admired them and then Jennifer witnessed his signature. Joshua was practically bouncing out of his seat with excitement, and can't really blame him. There's nothing like your first book sale.

Did not get to library last night due to the snow storm, so that's now on the agenda for this weekend. Plus lots of writing, so I can meet my goal for February.
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The new deal made Publishers Lunch.

Author of the Sword of Change trilogy Patricia Bray's THE FIRST BETRAYAL and two sequels, in which a scholar faces and defeats an assassin and is swept into international intrigue and discovers his soul is, perhaps literally, not his own, to Anne Groell at Bantam Spectra, in a nice deal, by Jennifer Jackson at Donald Maass Literary Agency.

I looked at this and thought "Cool! I'd like to read this story."

Of course first I have to finish writing it...

Good News

Feb. 3rd, 2005 08:58 am
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It's been a good week. Heard from agent [livejournal.com profile] arcaedia that Bantam liked the revised outline for the new series, and they made a nice offer. I'm happy, agent is happy and editor is happy. It's a good place to be.

Manuscript is due June 1st, so it will be a busy few months of writing. One of the changes was to increase the scope of the story, which meant adding viewpoint characters. Last night I was pondering how to introduce one of the characters, and this morning as I drank my coffee, the phrase came to me Upon her arrival she wrote three letters, each with its own cipher. And I knew that this was exactly where I needed to start, and what this scene would tell us about her character.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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