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First review spotted was from Richard Marcus on BLOGCRITICS.ORG. He had nice things to say about the individual stories, as well as saying this about the collection--
All of the stories were equally captivating. The editors have also done a good job in selecting stories that represent a cross section of the various types of fantasy story on offer today.

Which made my day, since that was exactly what we were trying for.
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Seeing a great review for DEVLIN'S LUCK pop-up in my Google alerts. It's great to know that new readers are still discovering this story.

And it made a nice change from the other alerts, which were news of new pirate copies of my books that had cropped up on the web....
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A thoughtful review of AFTER HOURS: TALES FROM THE UR-BAR is up on the Tangent magazine website. My favorite bit:
This time travelogue of fantastical tales born of myth and steeped with legend and lore is a leisurely, accessible read. Editors Joshua Palmatier and Patricia Bray have put together a unified anthology of tales while preserving the unique voice and writing style of the individual contributors. Entertaining, thought provoking, and fun.

Since this is exactly what we were trying to do, I couldn't be happier.
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I've spotted three reviews so far, including one on Amazon from someone who'd never read anything by our authors before, but wound up enjoying the collection very much.

April Steenburgh's review here or on her LJ here.

Clare Deming's review at scienfictionmusings.blogpsot.com here.

Amazon.com reviews here.

Anyone else seen a review in the wild that you'd like to share?
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Afterthoughts has posted a nice review of THE FINAL SACRIFICE on their blog. I'm particularly pleased with their observation that this book is accessible to new readers who haven't read the earlier books. That was something I worked hard on for this book, so it's good to hear that I succeeded.

Someday I'll figure this whole writing thing out :-)
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Well, Colonie to be precise. Maria Perry at Flights of Fantasy bookstore in Colonie, New York has offered to host a booklaunch party for THE FINAL SACRIFICE. Look for me there Tuesday evening, June 24th. I'll be reading from TFS and signing books. Partner-in-crime [livejournal.com profile] jennifer_dunne will also be there signing her books, so it's two authors for the price of one.

And thanks to [livejournal.com profile] fireun I have a copy of the Romantic Times book review for The Final Sacrifice. This is the final installment of Bray's trilogy, but it doesn't read like a third book. Backstory is woven in quite cleverly, and the pace is fast enough that readers new to the tale won't have time to regret missing references. Fans of Emperor Lucius, Brother Josan and Lady Ysobel are sure to be more than satisfied with this last chapter.

I'm really happy with this review. One of my goals was to make sure that TFS could be read as a standalone novel, and so far both PW and RT agree that I've succeeded.

Albany reference here )
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Romantic Times magazine has given The Final Sacrifice a four star review. Alas only the rating is up on their website--I'll have to wait until the July issue is in stores later this month to read the actual review.

Bantam's publicity department has done an excellent job of getting this book out for review. RT reviewed DEVLIN'S LUCK, the first of my fantasy novels, but hadn't reviewed any of my subsequent titles, so I'm quite pleased.

And a reminder that the book raffle closes at midnight on Friday. Instructions for entering are here.
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THE FINAL SACRIFICE was reviewed in the 5/19 edition of Publisher's Weekly. To my knowledge this is the first book in the series they've reviewed.

Though billed as the closer to a trilogy (following 2007's The Sea Change), this low-key climax to the chronicles of scholarly monk Josan and reluctant Ikarian Emperor Lucius stands surprisingly well on its own...Amiable storytelling and brisk pacing make this an agreeable summer read.


Full review is here.
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The last week has been full of ups & downs, which perhaps explains why I've been quiet. Still dealing with one of those downs, but today I'm going to focus on things that make me happy, and remind myself of how very lucky I am. So in that spirit--

Thanks to my editor for pointing out a nice review of THE SEA CHANGE from the Contra Costa Times.

Googling turned up a hysterical entry from the University Book Store in Seattle entitled The Legend of Patricia Bray. (On foot! In the rain! Possible wolves!) I had a silly grin for hours after reading this.

Yesterday's mail brought my copy of the contract for the Russian language edition of THE FIRST BETRAYAL. It's fun to look at--each page is printed in two columns, English on one side, Russian on the other. I have only their word that the terms match, but so far the publisher has treated me very well, so I've no reason to doubt that I'll be happy.

Just learned that Bantam has sent THE FIRST BETRAYAL back to press--THANKS GUYS.

And finally, and most importantly, my editor liked the revised manuscript for THE FINAL SACRIFICE (giant sigh of relief is heard.)

So now it's onward and upward.
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It's that most wonderful time of year, as the first review is up. Harriet Klausner's review of The First Betrayal was posted on BN.COM. Ms. Klausner isn't known for her critical analysis, but she's almost always the first one to post a review for new books, so it's a bit like spotting the first robin of spring. You know the others can't be far behind.

I saw that the review exists, but haven't read it yet. I almost never read my reviews--or at least not until they've been pre-screened by a minion. Even a favorable review can drive me crazy if it gets details wrong, or reveals too much of the plot.

I'm wondering about the rest of the authors on my friends' list. Do you read reviews of your work or do you find them too aggravating?

ETA: [livejournal.com profile] jennifer_dunne read the review and assured me that it was favorable, but also gave away key plot points. Par for the course.

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