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Thrilled to announce that Diversion Books has just released e-book editions of five of my Regency romances. Check out the links below for more information.
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I'm thrilled to announce that in February Diversion Books will be releasing e-book editions of five of my Regencies: AN UNLIKELY ALLIANCE, LORD FREDDIE'S FIRST LOVE, THE IRISH EARL, A MOST SUITABLE DUCHESS and THE WRONG MR. WRIGHT.

Over the years I've had to disappoint fans who asked where they could find e-book editions of my backlist. I'm delighted that they'll finally be available, and that new readers will be able to discover and enjoy these stories.

I'll post here and on my website patriciabray.com when the covers are available, and when the titles go live.
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Today's writing related task was uploading information on my Regency titles to the web. I'd originally set up the Patricia Bray, Regency Author website on AOL back in the 90s, and since my last Regency came out in 2002, I hadn't been inspired to update or move the pages.

Then AOL pulled the plug on their member webpages at the end of October, so I needed a new solution.

The old webpage is creaky and very much late 1990s web design, but rather than waiting until I find time to update it (which won't be for a dozen years), I just uploaded it as-is, and tucked it under my main site at sff.net. www.patriciabray.com/Regencybooks.html.

While I remembered the plots and characters, it's funny how many details had slipped my mind in the years since I wrote these. And I've only published a dozen novels... wonder what it's like to be a Nora Roberts or Dean Koontz?

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