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As an author, it's always difficult to tell which pieces of promotional swag are helpful, and which ones are a waste of money. The strongest reaction I ever received was for the lizard keychains/bottle openers I gave out for THE FIRST BETRAYAL. The lizards were both fun & useful, and were remembered by Elizabeth Bear when it came time for authors to list their favorite book swag in the essay Love It or Leave It.

One lizard to rule them all....
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A gross of lizards are in the hands of UPS, and should arrive before I leave for World Fantasy next week.*

Other preparations continue apace. I have meetings scheduled with my editor and agent, double-checked the hotel reservation, and confirmed my panel assignment. Arrangements for the ZOMBIES NEED BRAINS party are well in hand, and I'm in the process of negotiating just how often I'll have to break away from the con to check in with the day job. Now all I have to do is figure out what I'm wearing, and start packing this weekend.

*Most authors will blog about various writing topics, for instance how to write a query letter, or the challenges of first person POV. But few are willing to discuss the truly important topics, such as how to find a good source for lizards when your former supplier dries up. Fortunately you can trust me to reveal all.

WFC Photo

Nov. 9th, 2006 03:55 pm
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It was all chocolate and lizards at the autographing session.
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Well for those people who wanted to know what the great lizard invasion looked like, behind the cut below you'll find photos taken by [livejournal.com profile] jennifer_dunne. This is a sampling of the 80+ lizards that invaded my house while I was at WFC.

Lizard photos here )

After living with them for a few days I've grown quite fond of the lizards. It's kind of fun to move aside a book, or pick up something in the kitchen and find a previously undiscovered lizard peering back. Plus the 10 lizards arranged around my writing area are down right inspirational.

Sadly, though, they'll have to be picked up, to make it easier to clean. But I'll keep my favorites as a reminder.
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Back from the World Fantasy Convention in Madison. I had a great time--met lots of interesting people, caught up with old friends, met e-friends in person, hung out with folks who share my passions, had too much to eat, drink, and too many late nights. In short, it was a perfect weekend.

I described WFC to someone as a tribal gathering, but it's more than that. It's part corporate board meeting where we hear the state of the business, part family reunion where we see people we haven't seen for years, or finally get to meet that new cousin/in-law we've all been hearing about, and part college reunion where you catch up with the class of 2002 and see how everyone is doing.

More WFC details here )

Returned home, and found that my house was Infested by lizards )
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The good news is that I received the interior page design for THE FIRST BETRAYAL yesterday, and it's gorgeous. There's a wonderful lizard on the title page, and as the graphic next to the chapter headings. It's absolutely perfect. The folks at Bantam do a great job.

The bad news is that I'm here to tell you about this. I had been scheduled to fly down to Fort Lauderdale today to visit my brother, his wife, and my two nieces. But Fort Lauderdale is right in the path of Tropical Storm Katrina, and the odds of my flight making it down there were pretty grim. So I had to cancel today's trip and reschedule.

Disappointed, but that's the way things go. Better to reschedule now than to get stuck en route and burn up a valuable vacation day going nowhere.

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