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And now for your listening enjoyment, THE CHRONICLES OF JOSAN trilogy available from Audible.

I remember when the idea for the story first came to me--it was a rainy day on the Outer Banks, and as I looked over the dunes I had this image of a windswept island, and a man standing beside a lighthouse. For days I kept turning the idea over and over in my head. Who was this man? Why was he there? And where did those goats come from?

The result was the story of Josan, a scholar who is unwillingly swept into international intrigue and discovers his soul is, perhaps literally, not his own.

More about the series )

I know many people who listen to audio books during long commutes, or while working out, and I'm thrilled that they'll now have a chance to listen to my stories.
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The narrator of the upcoming audio book emailed me to request pronunciation assistance, commenting that I had created a specific and vibrant world. I'm pretty sure that's a code phrase that means fantasy novels with invented languages are a freaking pain in the ass :-)

In any case, I'll be putting together a pronunciation guide for him to use. And once again having to face the fact that the villains in this story sound an awful lot like Silver-rats when read aloud.

Could be worse. As I recall, buried in the Devlin series is a minor character whose name I pronounced differently each time I read it aloud. When it comes time for that one, I'm thinking dealer's choice will be the correct answer.
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Congratulations THE FINAL SACRIFICE, you're officially on sale! Go forth and multiply.
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THE FINAL SACRIFICE was reviewed in the 5/19 edition of Publisher's Weekly. To my knowledge this is the first book in the series they've reviewed.

Though billed as the closer to a trilogy (following 2007's The Sea Change), this low-key climax to the chronicles of scholarly monk Josan and reluctant Ikarian Emperor Lucius stands surprisingly well on its own...Amiable storytelling and brisk pacing make this an agreeable summer read.


Full review is here.
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In my upcoming book THE FINAL SACRIFICE, the emperor's flagship will play a pivotal role, and I've decided to let one of my readers have the honor of naming that ship. To enter, send in your suggestion, and if you have the winning name, you'll win autographed books plus an acknowledgement in THE FINAL SACRIFICE.

To enter simply post your suggestion as a comment to this entry, or visit my website at http://www.patriciabray.com for instructions on how to enter via e-mail.

The ship name should be suitably dashing, heroic, and avoid any names that are already associated with well-known ships, such as The Good Ship Lollipop, HMS Bounty or RMS Titanic, to name a few.

Contest closes at midnight on August 20th. One entry per person, please.

Good luck!

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